How and Where to Get Tires Most Appropriate For Your Vehicle

Each set of tires is built for a particular purpose. These specifications influence the components the tire is made from, the tread pattern and the overall look. It also determines the build specification of each to ensure the best performance of every product in carrying out a particular task. For this reason, tires are made to fit into either of the following categories: all-season, touring, performance, winter and light truck. At RPM Wheel and Tire, we understand this fully. We do not just sell tires to customers. Rather, ours is a more intricate dance that involves, determining the specific needs of each client and the actual use the tires before recommending a product. Doing this ensures you get the right set of tires for the job; tires that will last you a long time and offer you maximum service.

RPM Wheel and Tire is home to all the major tire brands. Within these brands as well, you will find all the tire categories present. To help you make an informed choice, here is more information on each type and where they fit best.


  1. All-Season

This tire category is the most versatility. First, the thread patterns are made to remove water from underneath each thread block to maximize contact between the rubber and the road. Additionally, the thread patterns enable snow, water and ice to be pumped away from the tire. These tires are also made to withstand freezing conditions ensuring excellent traction even with icy conditions.

All-Season tires are a popular choice, as well, due to their great performance in good weather. They are relatively quieter when compared to performance tires. Moreover, their thread pattern ensures good traction and handling in both wet and dry surfaces.


  1. Touring

In the tire community, “touring” is a popular term. It means to travel at highway speeds for extended periods of time. Accordingly, these tires are designed to offer a quiet ride, with excellent handling at highway speeds, for prolonged driving periods. The tires are built with non-aggressive thread patterns, comprising of straight ribs for smooth water channeling. They also have a long thread life translating to increased durability. The only downside, however, is that the tires tend to freeze during winter, compromising traction in inclement weather.


  1. Performance

These tires, also known as “summer” tires, offer great service at highway speeds. Their aggressive thread patterns provide excellent traction and handling even with aggressive driving and cornering. The tires are built with a smooth face to better grip the road surface and large shoulder lugs for greater traction while cornering. On the other hand, the tires perform poorly in water evacuating. The tires are also made of softer rubber which wears out faster. For this reason, most performance tires have a short lifespan.


  1. Winter

This tire category comprises products built to withstand severe weather. The primary purpose of these tires is to move through snow and ice for prolonged periods while resisting freezing and remaining flexible. The tire thread is specially built to open and close with movement on the road. This moving action creates a “crunching” effect on snow and ice allowing the threads to remain clean and get ready for the next cycle. Consequently, the “crunching” effect ensures traction.


  1. Light Truck

These tires are built to work. They are made to help carrying heavy loads and in rough terrain. The rubber compound that makes these tires is hardened to ensure durability. Additionally, the rubber compound is reinforced with steel plies to help resist tears and punctures. The thread patterns, however, vary widely and according to whether the tire will be used on or off-road. Thus, when out to buy light-truck tires for your SUV, think through what its mission will be. Doing so will ensure you get the right variety suited for your needs.


Finding the right tires for your needs ensures you peace of mind and prolonged service. With RPM Wheel & Tire you will find the largest tire options available to you. We carry all the major brands and have products fit for all seasons and applications, including after market wheels. Therefore, when hitting the track, or cruising along the trails, you need not worry for we’ll have you sorted with the ideal tires for you.


Additionally, we strive to match the high quality of our products with even greater service and top-notch accessories for your car. RPM Wheel & Tire will offer you after-sale services for your tires at incredible rates. These services include:


  • Lifetime Balance and Rotation

Wheel balancing is often required once in a while after continued usage of a vehicle for the wheels to continue revolving properly. Failure to regularly balance and align your wheels makes the tires wobble as they turn. Balancing the tires will prevent vibrations, which often cause abnormal wheel shaking and excessive steering. Rotating, on the other hand, prolongs the life of individual tires by moving tires from one wheel position to the other. The rotation ensures even wearing out of all the four tires and the extended life of each tire.


At RPM Wheel & Tire, you only pay for this service once. For a little extra amount, wheel balancing and rotation are performed free of charge for the tires’ lifetime. The purchase not only saves you money in the long run, your tires get regular professional attention to ensure their durability is not compromised.


  • Mileage Warranty

Most tire manufacturers today give some mileage warranty. Such warranties are the manufacturers’ way of saying, “my product should last you this long if properly maintained, if it does not I will compensate you.” The necessary maintenance involves proper rotation, balancing and inflation.


RPM Wheel & Tire advises you on the warranty and conditions of each product for you to make an informed choice. We also help our clients, properly maintain their tires and keep records of rotation, and wheel balancing, to ensure lodged warranty claims are backed up by facts.


Partnering with RPM Wheel & Tire when shopping for new tires will ensure you get the best product for your needs, including custom wheels. You will also be able to speak more about tires plus all the different types available. We will also sit down with you to determine, the kind of driver they are, the weather conditions they face most, as well as the road surfaces your tires will meet most. Finding answers to these questions will help guide you through the many choices available, to settle on the best one. For these reasons, plus the unmatched after-sale services, RPM Wheel & Tire is your best partner for tire purchases.