RPM Wheel & Tire guarantees all of our installs done in our shop. Warranties are specified to the product and how long the distributor warranty is good for. All warranties and distributors are generally different. To verify warranty length on a specific install or service, please visit our shop or call our sales department and we will work to get you an answer.

In the case that something were to go wrong with your install done at our shop, RPM Wheel & Tire will take full responsibility and get it fixed. Our team does a thorough inspection before vehicles are placed back on the road. If you have any questions after your install is complete, feel free to call our office or come back and visit us to discuss your concerns.



RPM Wheel & tire cannot accept returns. Parts that are ordered to specification and used are no longer eligible for us to return to the distributors. On certain conditions, in-store credit will be applied. If the part is defective or within it’s warranty period, we will replace the item.

Yes, you Absolutely will. We will get it done for you.

Every Vehicle has different torque specs.

Yes, you can if they are still in good working condition.

Tire Pressure Monitor System

The Manufacturer recommended top speed.

More than likely, yes. They leave a paper trail and most dealerships won’t honor vehicle warranty.


Before making any modifications that could potentially void warranty, be sure to read through your factory warranty or speak to an authorized representative from your dealership.